Into The Psyche Delve

by Nordic Mist

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Celtic Frost worship project from the mastermind of Jim Sadist, this is the only release of the band which was released on CD only by Nunslaughter Records as a split with Nunslaughter frontman Don Of The Dead side project TONDRA.


released June 23, 2006

Konman the Barbarian (Jim Sadist) - Vocals / Drums
Megiddo - Guitars
Reaper as "Craig the Horrorval" - Bass

Lyrical assistance provided by Jim Lippucci
Cover illustration by Joseph Maloney
Logo by Human Furnage


all rights reserved



Reaper Metal Productions Akron, Ohio

Lurking in the shadows of the underground metal scene for 17 years, Reaper Metal Productions has left its mark on various Vinyl, CD and DVD releases while spreading its wrath throughout the grid of the internet with online videos and podcast episodes. Owned and operated by Crucified Mortals frontman Reaper, RMP is a domain of death for the slain variety of metal creations. ... more

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Track Name: The Conquest of the Undead King
Aeons of tyranny and empires corrupt
An advent of freedom despotism crushed

Away with the insolent rulers
Empower the people's king
It is he who shall lead them through
Chaos and inanity

The conquest of the undead king ( X 2 )

Commander of the blood crusades
The ravenous escapades
Throne of and aggressor survived
By vagary and imposition

Heroes transform into foes
Icons vanquished in the throes
Civilizations, sanctities undone
Abolish only to become

Track Name: Into the Psyche Delve
Ever dark are the shadows
Which bear no name
The dead who have never died
Are those which never lived

Ever grey are the visions
To see the unseen
Naturalicals breech my perception
Blinded by abysmal gloom

Exposed in vile rhetoric
A voyeur to myself
Reprieved but not forgiven
Into the psyche delve

In a helix of regret
Vortex of violent tides
Revel in fate's caress
A nomad motionless

Mountain of imperfection
The fool seldom scales
Distraction is an ally
In the plights of cerebral doom
Follow the dreamless meridian
Backwashed to shores of reality
(To) regress to the nowhere
Seek refuge in the banal

Ever clear are (the) memories
Extract the lucid cores
Remaining light shines upon me
I've known this flame before
Track Name: Planet Six
The magic of Saturn
Is hidden in its rings
Its magnetic aura
Is the way of all things

Lunar networks
Surround planet six
Atop the scarps of Hyperion
Am astrolater's wish

Adrift in the division of cassini
The orbs of frost guard the rings
Pulled into the tide of a distant satellite
Just beyond the ringlet systems
Transcending the magnetosphere
Guided by solar winds
To the outer limits of the saturnian order
Farther than the chiron enigma
I am cast into the frontiers of the deep
The glow og the beautiful disc growing faint
As I float into the endless